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Everquest Guild on The Nameless Server dedicated to having fun.

The Original Mystic Nobles banded together in the distant past, on a distant Server called Innoruuk.  When the Great Merging of Servers happened, the Original Mystic Nobles drifted off to realms of reality and other Guilds of The Nameless.  A re-birth of the Mystic Nobles occured recently when many that hold dear the ideals of community and enjoyment, joined the ranks.

We now travel a path that strives to bring enjoyment of the journey to all within the Mystic embrace.

VoA is here and so are the Clockworks

GazeMN, Nov 24, 11 4:02 PM.

Beastie Boy gets his shawl

GazeMN, May 1, 10 11:27 PM.
Kdor survives the Blessed Serilis Prayer Shawl quest!!!

With the help of Haretik, Kleah and Gaze on the Convorteum Walk.

The Druid Does Convorteum

GazeMN, May 1, 10 11:23 PM.
Kleah is blessed with her Blessed Serilis Prayer Shawl

With the help of Kdor, Gaze and Haretik on the Convorteum Walk, Kleah has a new garment.
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